Essential Areas in the Office to Clean

It is very important to have a clean and safe workspace as this boosts employee morale. There are many areas in the office that are more prone to getting untidy and dirty more often. In this article, we will be focusing on these areas in order to improve cleanliness in the office.

When it comes to personal workspaces, one of the most unhygienic spaces is the work desks. There is a lot of bacteria accumulated on the desks, far more than what you would expect to be on a toilet seat. You can simply clean the surface of the desk with disinfectant wipes. There are office cleaning services Perth that are trained to sanitise work surfaces to minimise the spread of diseases especially Covid 19 which is still prevalent around the world. Creating a hygienic workplace will limit the spread of sickness in the office and it will keep your employees healthy. You also need to have a de-cluttering system in the office to make sure there are no files and folders all over the place. By initialising an organisation system for filing, you will be able to sort storage.

Keyboards can collect a lot of debris as many employees are used to eating snacks or their lunch on their worktable. Therefore, you need to use some disinfectant wipes to clean the keyboard so that bacteria and other germs are removed. Offices can increase hygiene in workspaces by creating a dedicated area for lunch with a small pantry. This way, food will only be handled in this area. There can be a designated spot for throwing out food scraps. This will also allow the cleaning crew to clean the workspace quickly as food and snacks will not be used in the main working areas. Door handles are touched by everyone and they rarely get cleaned. There are a lot of germs that can get transferred onto your hands from the door handles. It is also a cycle; you will touch the desk or a keyboard after touching the door handles which will further spread the germs. You need to look over the checklist of the cleaning company to see if these essential areas are mentioned.

Public and shared phones also collect a lot of germs. This will increase if more people are sharing the same phone. You can keep hand sanitizer or disinfectant wipes near the phone so that everyone using it can clean the phone after they are done with it. Make sure you let the cleaning company know that they are to clean equipment used by the public such as phones and printers daily. A simple step such as this can minimise spread of infection considerably. Another surface that is touched by all the people in the building or the office are lift buttons and stair bannisters. These can have a lot of harmful germs and anytime you touch them, the germs can be transferred onto your hand. By having hand sanitizers near each lift and stain entrance, it encourages users to sanitise their hands before or after touching the button. 

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